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OCEMIDA Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator with up to 3000 PPB – Tritan Container (BPA free)

OCEMIDA Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator with up to 3000 PPB – Tritan Container (BPA free)


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  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • 8 oz BPA Free Bottle
  • 5 Year Warranty


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    Based on 188 reviews
    Inflammation Reducer

    It has been about 4 weeks since I started using my Ocemida bottle (at least 3X p/day), but it appears that in fact is working and helping me. I have/had a bit of a prostate issue but I seam to be doing better (I'm an early 60's guy). More time will tell, but my first impressions are very positive.

    I Own Two ❤️

    The Ocemida Hydrogen water bottles are very well made and solid. So much difference than the first couple I tried. I actually can feel a difference with Ocemida, so much so that I purchased another one for my daughter and told her to chuck the one she is using in the trash


    It's hard to quantify all of the research it took in deciding which Hydrogen water device I would purchase. My search ended with Ocemida because of two factors. Independent Certification and customer service. I used the contact feature on Ocemida's website and received a quick response and answers to my concerns. I purchased three devices and anticipate a long and effective use cycle. I have only been using the device for a short period but have found it to function as advertised without any issues.

    Real insight

    I've tried several brands of hydrogen water bottles and always wondered age tech behind them. After reading this pamphlet I now understand what I'm looking for and edgy the Ocemida bottle I own works so well. This should be required reading before biting a hydrogen bottle.

    Good Product

    Overall like the product. Smaller than expected (I did not review the size before ordering). Product has a good battery life and low battery warning compared to other brand we have. Bottle adapter initially not included in shipment but customer service shipped one out same day as initial product reciept. Did not rate 5 stars only due to size of bottle.

    Thanks for the review, Tyson! While it might seem counterintuitive, the smaller bottle actually delivers a major benefit – a much higher concentration of hydrogen! If you're curious about how this works, take a look at our blog post:

    So far so good

    The bottle checks the box. It leaked on me a few times but it was due to night tightening the bottom portion correctly. Works well.

    Amazing Product!

    I got the 5000ppb bottle to help w my immune system after trying everything(& I mean Everything) for over 3years. After drinking the water for just a cpl weeks I could tell a difference & it wasn’t long until the biofilm I had developed in my intestines started to break up and leave my body, & not long after that the biofilm on my skin began to leave too. My immune system is back online & beginning to heal my body as it once used to.
    This water has saved my life & I couldnt be more grateful for this company & their amazing product! It’s the real deal, if you’re struggling w health or energy issues, look no further, this is what you want!!
    Thx Ocemida

    Works great!

    Before I ordered the Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator by OCEMIDA, I did some research. I learned several things, including the potential health benefits and the high prices of already packaged bottles of water. Some of those benefits include antioxidants (which help with inflammation), so I figured it was worth a try. Especially since the total cost of producing your own water using this generator is a better value than purchasing prepackaged bottles.When I asked my wife if she noticed a difference in taste between this and our regularly filtered water, she struggled to find the right words. Her conclusion ended up being the same as mine. The water tastes cleaner. I even did a blind taste test where my teen daughter easily identified the hydrogen water over the regular water. But honestly, it’s hard to say it has a taste. It tastes like water, just cleaner. More pure.It uses USB-C to charge and comes with a cable, but not a wall plug. The nice thing is that you can run it while plugged in should you want some fresh hydrogen water when the battery is low or dead. I found it takes about 6 minutes to run a full cycle. To fill my tumbler I need to run two cycles, so about 12 minutes before I’m ready to go. Something to keep in mind if you want it to produce enough hydrogenated water while in a hurry.The base/generator is designed to screw onto a bottle. However, I found that it did not fit the standard water bottle I had purchased at my local store. I measured the opening on the base at 28.7mm (1.129 inches) whereas the bottle opening at 24.3 mm (0.95 inches). So, if you are planning on using specific bottles, keep in mind it may not fit. Thankfully it comes with its own plastic cylinder that can be used instead. Just dump your water bottle’s contents into the included cylinder and you’re good to go. This may not be as convenient, though.There’s a nice rubber coaster built into the bottom of the base. This allows you to set it on surfaces without the risk of scratching, as well as slipping or sliding.We’ve been using this for about a week now. As of yet, we haven’t noticed the health benefits, but we’re still early in the process. My research said it remains unknown how much hydrogen water needs to be consumed to reap its potential benefits, but the OCEMIDA manual suggests drinking two glasses a day. The great thing is that there are no negative effects should you drink more than that. It’s not harmful. You can even give it to your pets!Be sure to clearly read the manual before using it. Maintaining and properly using the generator takes some detailed care, especially when it comes to the membrane. It needs to always stay wet. There was even water on it out of the box, which is why it needed a thorough cleaning before first use. Be careful not to submerge the generator/base in water when washing as that could damage the electronics. It’s not waterproof. Unscrew the plastic bottle and lid and clean those separately, while leaving a slight bit of water in the generator before using the plug to keep it moist when not in use. You should also use white vinegar once a week to make sure the membrane doesn’t grow mold.### Conclusion ###While the claim of potential health benefits is inconclusive according to sources I came across, there are people who swear by it. I can say the water tastes more pure after cycling through the generator. Even if all it does is remove chlorine, that’s a worthwhile benefit. This Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator by OCEMIDA operates well and is well-made. I love the lights for their aesthetic appeal as well as notification purposes. It’ll blink red when the battery is low and turn off when the cycle has been completed. This device does require proper maintenance, so there is some work on your part to keep it in peak condition. I look forward to continuing to use it to discover the possible long-term health benefits.

    OUTSTANDING Customer Service & Product

    I've used the 5000 ppm model for 11 months. I love this thing! My random cramps have disappeared. I sleep better, feel better, love it! And then it started to leak. Gearing up for a battle over the warranty, I contacted Ocemida through chat. Wow! I explained how i love my hydrogen water... it's taste, how simple it is,and now, what was happening. To my utter surprise, the service agent replied, "No worries, we'll send you a new one." He even offered an adapter so I can breathe in the hydrogen instead of drinking it at bedtime so I'm not running to the wc all night! Love my 5000 ppm pro and Ocemida!! Thank you so much!I just gotta say, recently customer service seems to be non-existent. It's really quite sad. But Ocemida is a beacon of light in a dark world. Thank you for making this customer feel special and grateful she chose YOU!


    It's easy to use. bubbles come up and there is a small air release when you open it. and the important part to me is it does not leak. The taste isn't bad but interesting.

    Good hydrogen water generator but a bit pricey for what it is

    This is a small hydrogen water generator. It holds less water than normal ones. I filled it with an 8oz bottle of bottled water and i had a little water left over.It claims to make your water 5,000ppb (parts per billion) of hydrogen. That's a lot of hydrogen, but when you read actual science studies of hydrogen water, they use numbers like 8ppm, 12ppm, etc. 1 ppm equals 1000 ppb. So 5,000 ppb equals 5 ppm.In the picture descriptions it says it has an "integrated adapter for Evian Water bottles.". Except, like 99.9 of people in the known world, i don't drink Evian water. I do buy bottled water but not Evian. So i tried it with a water bottle with a standard bottle opening and threads and it didn't fit. So maybe that means that Evian water bottles have a bigger neck than standard water bottles? If that's the case, then i would have much preferred if they made the HW generator have a standard neck/thread size. Why make it so you can only use that feature with Evian (of all brands)?And the price. This HW generator costs two to three times as much as other ones and i see little reason for it.So with all this kvetching, why did i still give this product 3 stars? Well it does seem to do well at adding hydrogen to water so if you're looking for a very small HW generator, this is will do it (though teir container is smaller than most similarly sized HW generators) So the water is good, but if you're on a budget, as far as i can tell you can get something as good for half the price right here on Amazon.

    Thank you for taking the time to leave this review. I'd like to address some of the points you raised:

    The higher price of this hydrogen water generator reflects its premium quality and ability to produce water with a high concentration of dissolved hydrogen. While the size may be smaller than some alternatives, the smaller container produces significantly higher concentrations than most generators in its class. This allows you to get more benefit from drinking less water. Think of hydrogen water as a supplement rather than a water bottle replacement and you will understand our decision.

    You're absolutely right that most clinical studies examining the effects of hydrogen water use concentrations in the ppm range, not ppb. However, ppb is simply a smaller unit - 5000ppb equals 5ppm. So this device produces hydrogen water at levels above to what has demonstrated benefits in research.

    I understand your frustration with the specialized bottle adapter. There are too many brands and too many neck sizes on the market, so adopted what's most popular. However, we offer an adapter which allows to use many more brands.

    At the end of the day, it comes down to your budget and preferences. If having a small, high concentration hydrogen water generator is most important, then the premium price of this product may be justified. But there are certainly more affordable options if that is the priority. Thank you again for the feedback - it provides helpful insight for customers making purchasing decisions.

    Great Water Bottle, feel energy. Less panini


    Bad Return Policy

    I did not have an opportunity to try the product as the bottle was cracked. No free shipping to return defective product.UPDATE...The Seller was very helpful and responsive with helping me to refund my return shipping costs. Great customer service!

    Well built

    It works and is easy to figure out. Take the orange plug out before using it (it’s a cap for protection) We drink it all the time. Makes roughly one cup of water

    Great customer support

    There was minot issue and i'm very please on how quickly the support solved it


    I love this bottle kit it comes with everything you will need to make hydrogen water its awesome an works fantastic......I am gonna love making my hydrogen water everyday to i will be giving it to my dog as well. I got a beautiful Gift as well. my own personal infusion bottle was so nice of them to give that to me as well for my purchase. Drink up! To your health.......

    Amazing energy after drinking this water

    I bought it in advice of my brother who is a scientist PhD. I have long covid which zapped me of all energy for almost 2 years. Needles to say I was skeptical, as I tried everything under the sun to get back my health. After using it 2-3 times I, all of a sudden, felt that I can do so much more! Before, I was laying in bed like a log but after I used it, I felt better and was able to clean the house! I used it 2-3-4 time a day instead of 1 or 2, given my CFS. It is truly miracle that this technology can do it. My brother used his special equipment to check the quality of water and he said it was really good amount of hydrogen in it. Muscle pain also eased. Highly recommend!

    Charging isn’t working properly

    The users guide says a green light indicates a fully charged battery. But when the red light indicates the battery is empty, The green light comes on within 30 seconds of plugging it in. If I try using it there is only about enough charge for one cycle, so it isn’t fully charged. The green light failing to work properly so soon after purchase makes me doubt if the machine will last very long.

    Exactly what I ordered and customer service was great in answering questions!! Water tastes great and the charge lasts a long time!!

    3-in-1 Hydrogen Water Test Strips for Chlorine, pH and Total Alkalinity

    Outstanding product. I bought some cheap ones before this, I wish I did my homework first. Be aware these are small bottles and do not hold a lot of water.

    Cleaning solution for Hydrogen Generators and Pitchers with SPE/PEM (16oz)

    Everything arrived on time. Assembly was simple thanks to instruction. So far, unit is running smoothly. Waiting to order a meter to see just how many ppms of hydrogen is in the water. So far, so good.

    Excellent Hydration

    Dont waste your time with cheaper foreign versions of this type of water bottle. Anything less than 5k ppb you're not getting the therapeutic affect you're after. Buy right the first time with Ocemida and have no regrets.