when to drink hydrogen water

When to Drink Hydrogen Water?

Guidelines for Drinking Hydrogen Water and Eating Meals

To maximize the benefits of H₂ water therapy, improve digestion, and effectively manage or lose weight, it's essential to establish a routine that simplifies the intake of water and food. Here are some beginner guidelines designed to help you incorporate these practices into your daily life with ease.


Morning Routine

Upon Waking:

1. Drink 500 ml (16 oz) of Freshly-Ionized H₂ Water: Start your day by consuming two 8-ounce glasses of H₂ alkaline water on an empty stomach.

2. Wait 20 Minutes: Allow time for your pH-sensitive pyloric valve to open fully, enabling this highly beneficial water to flow into your upper gastrointestinal tract without interference.

Tip: After consuming your initial two glasses of H₂ water, wait another 20 minutes and then drink another 16 ounces. This contributes to a daily foundation of one-quarter gallon, enriching your body with H₂ gas.


The Importance of the 20-Minute Wait

Why Wait?

To optimize digestion, it is crucial to avoid simultaneously putting too much water and food into your stomach. Your stomach and pyloric valve are equipped with sophisticated sensor mechanisms that respond to the presence of food by producing acids necessary for digestion.


Key Point to Remember:

Drinking water with meals can negatively impact your stomach's ability to digest food efficiently. To maintain the necessary acidic environment for digestion, drink only a minimal amount of water if absolutely necessary during meals.


Post-Meal and Snack Guidelines

Allow Proper Digestion Time:

For efficient digestion, it's essential to allow your stomach enough time to process the food. Drinking large amounts of water during a meal can impede this process. If you need to drink, take only small sips. 

After Consumption Timing:

- After a Light Snack or Meal: Wait 1 hour before drinking 1 or 2 glasses of H₂ water.

- After an Average-Size Meal: Wait 2 hours before consuming 1 or 2 glasses of H₂ water.

- After a Heavy Meal: Allow 3 hours, particularly when consuming hard-to-digest proteins like red meat.

Simplifying Your Routine: The 20-Minute / 1-2-3 Method

1. 20-Minute Rule for H₂ Water: Wait 20 minutes after drinking H₂ water before consuming anything else.

2. Meal-Based Timing:

- Wait 1 hour after a light meal.

- Wait 2 hours after an average-sized meal.

- Wait 3 hours following a heavy meal.

By following these straightforward guidelines, you can harmonize your drinking and eating habits, ensuring optimal digestion and maximizing the benefits of hydrogen water therapy.

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