Hydrogen Water vs. 756 bananas: A Ridiculous Comparison

Hydrogen Water vs. 756 bananas: A Ridiculous Comparison

In recent times, the promotion of health and wellness products has skyrocketed, bringing with it a host of outlandish claims. One such claim that has made its way into the public eye is the assertion that drinking 1.5L of hydrogen water is equivalent to consuming 756 bananas or 516 apples in terms of antioxidant benefits. This comparison, although catchy, is misleading and exhibits a fundamental misunderstanding or deliberate misrepresentation of how different antioxidants work.


Understanding Hydrogen's Mechanism of Action

It's crucial to grasp the inherent differences between consuming fruits and drinking hydrogen water. Hydrogen's therapeutic effects stem from its unique molecular properties. Unlike the antioxidants derived from fruits which rely on absorption into the body, hydrogen has the ability to penetrate all cells and organs. This distinction in delivery mechanisms allows hydrogen to have widespread effects throughout the body.

A notable study showcased that an 8-week consumption of hydrogen-rich water led to a significant 39% increase in the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) and a 43% decrease in thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) in urine. The presence of increased SOD indicates enhanced defense against oxidative stress, while the decline in TBARS is indicative of a reduction in oxidative damage.

 756 bananas compared to hydrogen


Comparing Apples to Hydrogen

It's easy to get carried away with numbers, especially when they seem as astronomical as the '756 bananas' or '516 apples' claims. However, this comparison falls apart when you consider that fruits, though rich in antioxidants, deliver these benefits through a fundamentally different pathway than hydrogen. Fruits offer a myriad of benefits due to their vitamins, minerals, fibers, and other bioactive compounds. Equating their benefits directly to hydrogen water is like comparing the propulsion of a rocket to the speed of a sports car—both impressive but fundamentally different.



As consumers, it's essential to approach health claims with a critical mindset. While hydrogen water does have its demonstrated benefits, comparing it directly to the consumption of hundreds of fruits is not only misleading but does a disservice to the intricate mechanisms through which our bodies derive benefits from both. Such claims, as presented by certain companies, should be met with skepticism. Either these companies lack a fundamental understanding of their product, or they're employing marketing gimmicks. As always, it's crucial to do one's own research and consult with healthcare professionals before making informed decisions about health and wellness products.

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