• Helps manage inflammation and increases natural energy by enhancing the body's production of ATP
  • Enhances gut health for improved digestion
  • Reduces oxidative stress with an ORP of -765 mV, providing an excellent source of antioxidants
  • Convenient 8-ounce (250 ml) capacity for on-the-go use
  • Highly efficient, generating up to 3 PPM H2 in only 10 minutes
  • Features a double chamber, pressure design, DuPont PEM technology and platinum plated titanium electrodes
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OCEMIDA Hydrogen Water Bottle – Hydrogen Water Generator for up to 3000 PPB – with Tritan Container (BPA free) Sale

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Hydrogen Water

Molecular hydrogen has been shown to selectively target the most destructive free radicals (like hydroxyl radicals) while leaving beneficial ones intact. Its tiny size allows it to penetrate cell membranes easily, including the blood-brain barrier, making it accessible to areas where other antioxidants might struggle.

OCEMIDA Hydrogen Water Bottle – Hydrogen Water Generator for up to 3000 PPB – with Tritan Container (BPA free)


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I’m using it every day. No taste at all. Haven’t noticed any change in my energy.
Still tired all the time.

Thanks for sharing your experience! It's possible that hydrogen water takes a bit longer to show noticeable effects for some people. Would you be willing to try it for a few more weeks and try to increase your hydrogen water intake to see if there's a change?

Bert Harbin
Fantastic and simple

I've only had my Ocemida a few days, but I absolutely love it! So easy to use and it tastes great!


This is the only gen 6 device that uses the Dupont PEM, far superior to the gen 1-4 Chinese knockoffs.
Great device.

Jeffery Litts
Happy customer

Have noticed a marked improvement in my all around movement. I have arthritis and my range of motion and flexibility have improved to the point where I'm not experiencing the pain like I was. My Knees are both pretty bad but that's another story. The rest of me is functioning at a much better level which makes a big difference in my all around attitude. I'm 65 years old and still working and am glad I found out first hand the benefits of Hydrogen Water.

Michael Mouser

OCEMIDA Hydrogen Water Bottle – Hydrogen Water Generator for up to 3000 PPB – with Tritan Container (BPA free)